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EDUCATION: Try These 7 Tips To Work From Home Productively

Here are the 5 pro tips which will help you make work from home as productive as possible.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our life to a great extent. We saw that many businesses considered various options to streamline the work from home transition.For the first time due to the pandemic millions of people are working remotely and at the same time experiencing that it isn’t as simple or exciting as it may sound.

The work from home opportunity brings a lot of challenges with it. The additional advantage of working remotely is spending more time with your near and dear ones and working in a space where you’re already quite comfortable.

1. How To Not Get Distracted?

Working from home means different distractions not similar to the office ones. Here are a few of the distractions which you feel on a daily basis like family, kids, OTT platforms, neighbours etc. To avoid all these distractions, set aside major chunks of your day for work. Keep your phone on silent and far away unless that’s your work device.

2. Wake up early in the morning

Start your work as early as possible. It will beat the rush of distractions later in the day. Starting your work early in the morning keeps your motivation level high and helps you stay focused almost throughout the day.

3. Pretend like you are in your office

Without a boss in the house it is a way to lose focus and kill time. If you will pretend to be in the office, this will help you to continue productive habits, like daily to-dos, and keeps you focused.

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4. Plan a To-Do list

Plan your day according to your needs. Simply think of hours you want to set aside for work. Then make a list of things you want to do in those chunks of time. Don’t forget to check things off that to-do list every time you finish a task, because that keeps you going.

5. Take break between work

It’s very important to take regular breaks to get up, stretch fatigue muscles, and hydrate and nourish yourself. Set a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Set reminders to take a short break every hour. Sometimes you will probably ignore it if you’re in the middle of something that needs to be finished, but it helps ensure that you don’t just sit in a corner all day.

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