School-Colleges of Bengal will open from November 16, High Court dismisses petition

The Government of West Bengal has announced the opening of schools and colleges-universities from class 9 to 12 in the state from November 16 after the reduction in corona cases. But against this decision of the state government, a petition in the Calcutta High Court was filed and sought quashing of the notification issued by the State Government, but the Calcutta High Court completely rejected the petitioner’s appeal.

The High Court clearly said that it does not agree with the argument of the petitioner. Due to this, the doubts regarding the opening of schools in the state from November 16 have ended.

A division bench of Calcutta High Court Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava asked the plaintiffs to come to the court if the parents have any problem and the court dismissed the case. The High Court is not satisfied with the statement of the plaintiff regarding the reopening of the school.

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The plaintiff Sudip Ghosh Chaudhary said that there is some confusion in the notification issued by the state government to open the school. The school has been told to open from 9.30 am. Earlier the school used to start at 10.30 am. It will last for 7-8 hours. Other issues have not been included in the notification. Many parents don’t want to send their children to school. Students have not been vaccinated. The judge asked whether you have any personal interest? Is your child in class IX-X? If the parents have a problem, they will appeal. We will look into the matter.

All the guidelines of Covid are being followed. Students want to go to school. CBSE has already said that there will be an offline examination of class 12th. Most of the teachers in rural Bengal live near the school. Right to education is more important than justice. According to a United Nations study, learning skills are being lost in India. In schools, 10 minutes information will be given regarding awareness about corona. Health and hygiene classes will be monitored. Along with this, attention will be given to body temperature test, hygiene. When the parents come, we will look into their complaints. The court said that if someone in the school is affected by corona, then the school will look into his problem.

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