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Schools reopen for students of all classes in Delhi

In the capital Delhi and adjoining Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, from today (February 14), all schools for young children opened. Schools for classes 9 to 12 had already been opened in these states. Initially, the burden of syllabus will not be imposed on the children from nursery to class 8. Most of the schools have been closed for almost two years due to Covid-19. In such a situation, the focus will be on the mental health of the children. In view of the reopening of NCR schools including Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, COVID measures have been taken.

Schools from Monday opened in Delhi. A week ago, schools from class 9th to 12th have opened and now up to 60 percent of senior students are coming to schools. Offline studies have started even for small classes.

The Delhi government has advised all schools not to burden the children with the syllabus as soon as they come to school. Delhi government’s education advisor Shailendra Sharma says that young children will go to schools after about two years and it is the responsibility of the schools to pay first attention to the mental and emotional health of the children. No pressure should be created on children to complete the syllabus.

Guidelines For Students –

Do not share your lunch or water bottle with other students

Stay away from your classmate

Wear a mask and avoid shaking hands and hugging

Keep sanitizing hands or wash them with soap

Do not go to school if you have cough, cold

Avoid touching school doors and windows

Avoid giving your copy, pen to classmate

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