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10 Mistakes in Animal movie, Arjan Vailly Fight Scene to Anil Kapoor’s Doppelganger, check them out

Discover the exciting journey in the captivating film "Animal," which takes you from the heart-pounding fight scene starring Arjan Vailly to the startling resemblance of Anil Kapoor's twin.

Animal Movie

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s movie Animal has garnered attention among fans because the actors delivered their best performances in the movie. The film was released on Netflix recently and entertained fans because it was made available on their devices too. We have heard the saying that nothing is perfect and Animal movie is also not perfect. The popularity of the film is very high but there are many mistakes in that film which people have ignored. Today we will tell you about such mistakes which will help you in knowing more deeply about the film.

1. No police involvement

There is a scene in the movie Animal where more than 400 people enter Ranvijay’s hotel to kill him. All this happens in a hotel in the city but there is no police involvement at all. Even the police do not interrogate.

2. Arjan Vaillly Fight Scene

When the fight starts, Ranbir Kapoor shoots at R from the door but when the enemy attacks, Ranbir saves himself by taking cover of the same door, which seems completely useless.

3. Doppelganger of Balbir Singh

Anil Kapoor has played the character of Balbir Singh in this film and after he is attacked, Ranbir Kapoor brings a duplicate of his father. In the beginning, a man is seen who resembles Anil Kapoor but in the next scene exactly Anil Kapoor is seen which does not look right at all.

4. No protection to Anil Kapoor’s duplicate

Balbir Singh’s doppelganger is used a lot but there is no security for him and the result is that he is killed in the film by some goons.

5. Ranvijay’s weight

In the film, during the attack, Ranvijay’s heart gets damaged and due to medicines, his weight increases. However, after undergoing heart surgery, Rannvijay’s weight suddenly decreases, which seems very strange.

6. No information about a heart donor

In the film, no information about the man who gives his heart to Ranbir Kapoor is shared with the audience. Nor is it told what the man asked for in return for giving the heart.

7. Getting Information out of Zoya

To get the information out from Zoya, Ranvijay gives the excuse that he had to get physical with Zoya to get the information out. He could have easily scared Zoya and gotten the information but he chooses the other way which is unnecessary.

8. Death of Balbir Singh

The whole fight is shown in the film only to kill Balbir Singh and that is why Abrar’s brother also gets surgery done to look like Ranvijay but everything goes in vain because it is shown in the film that Balbir Singh is going to die in the next few months.

9. Zoya’s Role

In the film, Zoya comes to visit Ranbir Kapoor (Ranvijay) and he asks her to stay with him. They meet for the second time and the duo starts romancing each other. That scene seems a little bit weird because how can someone start getting physical without even knowing each other?

10. Ranvijay does not contact his father

Although Ranbir Kapoor is shown to be crazy about his father in the film, when he shifts to America with his wife for 8 years, he does not call his father even once. This makes his love seem incomplete because he doesn’t even talk to his father.

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