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5 things Malaika Arora does to stay Fit and maintain that hot body

Malaika Arora: This 49 year old actor, dancer and Model is an Inspiration for many.
Firstly because of her sense of style, the fact that she just doesn’t care about the world and takes her decision, without caring about the judgements that comes her way. Not to deny Malika Arora’s toned, as well as fit body is what she is most admired for! There are a lot of Individuals who look up to her and wish to know the secret of having such a good body type and the tips to maintain them.
Let’s take a look at the 5 things that Malaika Arora does to stay fit and Fabulous!

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Goes for Intermittent Fasting

In one of her interviews, Malaika Arora had mentioned that she believes in Intermittent fasting. And in order to abide by that routine, she has her last meal by 7-7:30 in the night and fast for about 16-18 hours. She further opens her fast with some nuts which includes walnuts or almonds.

Yoga is the key

Malaika has always mentioned on how Yoga is the mothership of all things related to mind, Body, and soul and considers it Sacred. That actually, acts as an antioxidant for your body.

No Breakfast, Just Lunch

Yes, You Read that Right! Malaika does start her day with Warm water and a lot of liquids. But skips her breakfast and goes on to eat her lunch. And opts for having regular lunch Like Dal, Roti, sabji.

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Avoids all things White

Malaika has always mentioned that she avoids processed sugar, too much table salt, pasta, dairy as well as Maida. It’s a big No No for her.

Consume Fenugreek and Cumin Seeds in the morning!

In one of her videos, Malaika had mentioned on how she makes sure to drink fenugreek as well as cumin seeds soaked in water overnight. As that helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body and helps in improving your bowel movement.

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