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Akshara Singh’s on Stage Presence Make Fans Go Crazy, Lathi Charged in Siddharth Nagar Event

At the Siddharth Nagar event, watch the extraordinary performer take center stage as her magnetic energy and riveting performance left the audience in a state of shock.

Akshara Singh is still frequently in the news, and lately, she has been the subject of major news stories. On Thursday, Akshara travelled to Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh, to perform. The large number of people who had gathered to see the actress caused chaos during the performance, destroying hundreds of chairs. The police were forced to use lathi charges due to the escalating commotion. The current five-day festival in Siddharthnagar, where the Bhojpuri actress was scheduled to perform, was the cause of this uproar.

Akshara Singh Fans Become Uncontrollable During the Show

The five-day Siddharth Mahotsav is taking place in Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh, and Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh has been invited to participate in the festival. Unexpectedly high attendance was recorded for this program. The audience became unruly as soon as the actress took the stage, and eventually, the crowd became unpredictable. People started smashing the chairs that were kept in the show because they were so furious. Videos from the performance are making the rounds on the internet, showing how the audience is smashing chairs one by one.

The Police Lathi Charged in the Event

In this case, the situation got so bad that the police were forced to use lathi charge. But the actress who was on stage pleaded with the audience to keep the peace. However, the people in attendance ignored him and carried on making noise.

Incidents like this happened before as well. A similar outcry occurred at an event in Patna a few days ago. When the throng gathered to see him became unruly, the police were forced to step in. In this incident, a few police officers as well as regular citizens were hurt.

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