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Akshara Singh’s Sizzling ‘Latke Jhatke’ on ‘Sadi Jhalkawua’ Will Make You Yearn For More, WATCH

Akshara Singh is a popular name in the industry and her new song is a visual delight for fans.

Akshara Singh

A well-known actress in the Bhojpuri film industry is Akshara Singh. The actress shares both videos and pictures on her social media platforms, where she is highly active. Her captivating performances captured the attention of the crowd and won her a large following on social media. The actress releases her music on her own YouTube channel, where she is also quite active. The new song “Sadi Jhalkawua,” which was posted on her channel on January 28, features an enthralling performance by her that captivates the audience. The song gained a lot of attention from internet users and went viral due to Akshara’s outstanding performance.

Akshara Singh Look Mesmerizing in Traditional Attire

The song has garnered attention on the internet and entertained the netizens because Akshara delivered a mesmerizing and energetic dance performance in the video. The video starts with Akshara taking money from her husband because her expenses have increased. The song featured a new actor alongside the Bhojpuri actress and their chemistry also won the hearts of the audience.  Both of them looked beautiful together and sent the internet into a frenzy.

Akshara Singh is a good actor and her singing skills also garnered praise from the netizens. The actress looked beautiful and she gave a flawless performance. Her soulful singing made the song even more wonderful for fans. They loved her appearance in the video and the Bhojpuri dehati song started hitting the charts.

Netizens Praised the Performance

Akshara has 4.19 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and her every song garners attention all over the social media platforms. This song has amassed 387K views on the video-sharing platform and netizens praised her performance. They loved how well Akshara performed the song and showered her with praise for her mesmerizing and beautiful dance performance.

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