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Avneet Kaur gets trolled for adjusting her short dress while posing; Netizens say ‘jaruri daalne hote hain itne chhote’

Avneet Kaur
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Avneet Kaur, a popular Indian actress and social media personality, recently found herself at the receiving end of online trolling after a video of her adjusting her short dress while posing for photos went viral. The video shows Avneet posing for the cameras, when she suddenly pulls up the hem of her dress, apparently to cover more of her breast.

Avneet Kaur adjusts her dress

Unfortunately, this innocent gesture was seized upon by some netizens, who began to criticize Avneet for her choice of clothing and for allegedly trying to be too “bold” or “revealing.” Many commenters mocked her for wearing a short dress and suggested that she should have known better than to wear something so skimpy.

Some of the comments were particularly vicious, with users hurling insults at Avneet and making disparaging remarks about her character and professionalism. Others defended her, pointing out that she had every right to wear what she wanted and that it was not anyone else’s place to judge or criticize her. One user wrote, ‘ye bigad gai hai.’ Another user wrote, ‘jaruri daalne hote hain itne chhote.’

The social media sensation always sets the internet on fire with her sultry poses and stunning appearances. Most of the time, Avneet faces trolling but the actress never fails to amaze her fans with different and eye-catching looks.

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