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Banaras Movie: Debutant Zaid Khan gets Candid and shares on what makes this Pan India film Different l Exclusive

Banaras Movie: A combination of Romance with an Impactful message can bring about a major difference and Banaras is one such film that promises both the elements. Directed and written by
Jayathirtha, the film stars Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro in the lead. while the trailer is all set to release on 26 September, this Pan India film will release on November 4.

Meanwhile in an exclusive chat with DNP India, Debutant Zaid Khan not only talked about the upcoming release and the movie’s ‘Hatke’ element, But Also About his personal life and struggles.

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Excerpts from the Conversation:

The film is set to release on November 4, so could you elaborate on what exactly is Banaras all about and your journey so far?

Zaid Khan: Well, i was born and brought up in Bangalore and while the movie is set to release on November 4, the trailer will be releasing on September 26. While this film is a mysterious Love story, and the added point is that 90 Per Cent of the film is Shot in Banaras. Making it the first South Indian film to be shot in that city. Also, it is a content Oriented film, and we are really looking forward for the audience to watch it.

If we are not wrong, then this is the first South Indian Film to be shot in Banaras, so how fun was it shooting and how exactly did this idea came up?

Zaid Khan: The idea to shoot the film in Banaras came from our Cameraperson’s side. But initially, we had planned to shoot some parts in Bangalore and Banaras both. And for that, we were planning to go to the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for location hunting and permission purposes. But as I went there, I completely fell in love with the place and told my director to shoot the entire film there as there are some beautiful locations which are worth Capturing.

There are a lot of Film Makers who go for creating Romantic Film and its quite common. so, what is that ‘Hatke’ or unique element in your film, that can make the content stand out and further break that Monotony.

Zaid: As I mentioned earlier, this is a content-oriented film and the way we have depicted the city in our film, I am sure that to date nobody has done that. From the story to the locations, we have made sure to do everything differently. While there are a lot of Hindi films shot in the city, but our film has revealed some inside details of the city, making it more mysterious in nature.

This film as well as the script was indeed very challenging as it was not a normal kind of a subject. And if I have to reveal one detail of the film, then I would like to mention about Manikarnika Ghat, which is actually a cremation ground. And the difficult part was, that I had to do a romantic scene in front of that, so you can expect on how pressurizing it would have been for me.

Why did you go for Banaras? just because it was Challenging or there was another ‘wow’ element which compelled you to be a part of this project?

OfCourse, there was a lot of newness in the script as well as the theme. And i wanted these kinds of subjects, coz if we don’t show something unique then why would the audience want to watch that film. And as I am a newcomer, I have to prove myself to my family as well as the audience, so just had to make the right choice.

You come from a Political Family, then how come you decided to be a part of the entertainment Industry?

Zaid Khan: Acting has always been my thing. Since Childhood, I was actively participating in dancing as well as acting competitions. And it was in the year 2013 when I finally decided to work as an actor. I didn’t get support from my family, my father even hit me when I talked about my passion. It actually took me 5 years to convince them. There was also a point when I ran away from my place and went to Mumbai in the year 2016. It was after 8 days when my dad came to pick me up, we had a word and he decided to enrol me to Anupam Kher’s Acting school. Initially, he thought I would give up but that didn’t happen. Just to make it clear, I never got inspired by Politics and acting is what I desire for.

Your Message to the Audience?

This is a matured Love story, and I am sure that most of the people, especially the people from the south aren’t aware of the mysterious and stories of Banaras. It is going to be very surprising for them when they witness those hidden elements. While, we have put in a lot of effort in the creation of the film, which is a mixture of Romance, action and Mystery. A complete Package to be Precise!

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