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Home ENTERTAINMENT BB 16 fame Gori Nagori’s ‘tabartod’ performance on ‘Ghunghat Jalidar’ energises fans...

BB 16 fame Gori Nagori’s ‘tabartod’ performance on ‘Ghunghat Jalidar’ energises fans all over, watch scintillating video here

Gori Nagori
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Gori Nagori: Gori Nagori is a well-known dancer from Rajasthan, India, who has gained popularity for her energetic and lively performances. One of her recent dance videos, in which she is seen performing on the song ‘Ghunghat Jalidar’ has been creating a buzz on social media platforms. The video, shared by JAMMIX RECORDS on Youtube, has already received over 2 million views, and fans are in awe of her amazing dance skills.

Video went viral

The video begins with Gori Nagori dressed in a traditional Rajasthani outfit, wearing a colorful Ghagra Choli and a veil. The music starts, and she begins her performance, moving gracefully to the rhythm of the song. Her expressions, footwork, and hand movements are all in sync, creating an impressive visual display.

People are appreciating

As the song progresses, Gori Nagori’s performance becomes more energetic, and she starts incorporating some traditional Rajasthani dance moves into her routine. The way she moves her feet and twirls around while maintaining her balance is a sight to behold. It is evident that she has put a lot of hard work and dedication into perfecting her craft.

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Lot of positive feedback

The video has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers, who have praised Gori Nagori’s dance skills and her ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire performance. Many have also commented on how the video has given them a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Gori Nagori’s performance on the song ‘Ghunghat Jalidar’ is a testament to her incredible talent and passion for dance. Her ability to fuse traditional Rajasthani dance moves with contemporary music is truly impressive, and it is no wonder that the video has gained so much popularity. It is heartening to see artists like Gori Nagori showcasing their culture and heritage through their art and spreading joy and happiness through their performances.

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