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Bhojpuri Gana: Pawan Singh and Namrita Malla’s ‘Jhanatedaar’ performance on ‘Hathiyar’ will make your jaw drop; Watch

Bhojpuri Gana: The latest song by Pawan Singh and Raj Nandani Singh is winning hearts all over the nation. The song is made even more beautiful by Namrita Malla's power packed performance.

Bhojpuri Gana: Once again, the star Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh is back to set ablaze the music industry with his powerful new song. The latest song ‘Hathiyar’ just came out today and its roaring music will make you want to dance all the way. But that’s not it! With her electrifying performance and sizzling moves in the Official Music Video, Namrita Malla stole the show this time. Her sensuous expressions and steamy steps will make your heart pound harder and harder.

Bhojpuri Gana: Pawan Singh and Namrita Malla’s chemistry on ‘Hathiyar’

The latest song by the Bhojpuri icon Pawan Singh is a massive hit. Even its name is intimidating! The title ‘Hathiyar’ signifies a weapon of any sort and the music video made it evident that Pawan Singh’s preference lies in guns. Raj Nandani Singh provided the female vocals in the song which made it even more pleasing to the ears. However, the show stopper had to be Namrita Malla who gave a jaw-dropping dance performance. Her enthralling moves were enough to throw any viewer off balance.

In the video, Pawan Singh appears with his gang members in frustration to entertain himself by watching a dance performance. He brushes past Namrita and takes a seat to watch her perform. Namrita appears in a gorgeous and steamy outfit consisting of a blouse with a plunging neckline and a short skirt. Her dance performance was a mixture of contemporary dance form and belly dancing. The way she flicked her belly from side to side throughout the video was simply breathtaking. Moreover, her expressions were a delight to watch.

Netizens’ reactions to the powerful performance

When the netizens got to see the entire video, they couldn’t hold back their love for their favorite stars. Consequently, they crowded the comments section leaving heartfelt comments. Some of their comments read, “I’m proud To be Fan of Pawan Singh Since childhood……… Evergreen Singer,” “Pawan Singh is not just a singer He is a emotion for Billions of people,” “Power Star Pawan Singh is not just a History breaker He is also a history Creator,” “Worship Is Incomplete Without “Havan” And Bhojpuri Is Incomplete Without “pawan”.”

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