Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori ignites the internet with sensuous dance on ‘Badli Badli Laage;’ WATCH

Gori Nagori

Gori Nagori

Bigg Boss 16 celebrity Gori Nagori’s captivating and flawless dance performances never fail to send the internet into a frenzy. Because of her strong social media following, the dancer’s videos are widely shared online. She enjoys dancing to Haryanvi music, and her video for the song “Badli Badli Laage” has gone viral online. It features her dancing sensually and making people laugh with her endearing and seductive facial expressions. 

Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori garners attention 

It didn’t take long to notice Gori Nagori’s captivating presence on stage. The crowd was in awe of her skill as she mesmerised them with her graceful moves while the sounds of “Badli Badli Laage” filled the air. She gave a performance that was unmatched in energy, and it was obvious that she had given it her all to make every aspect flawless.

The popular Haryanvi song’s foot-tapping beats provided the backdrop for a fantastic and thrilling dance performance by the Haryanvi sensation. She nailed it with her incredible talent, and her moves lit up the internet and left everyone in awe. Gori, who is renowned for her smouldering looks, continued to do so in this video. 

Netizens loved the dance

Her performance made the rounds on the internet and the crowd also enjoyed her flawless dance moves on the energetic beats of the Haryanvi song. The online viewers loved the performance and they praised her performance in the comment section of the video

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