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Bigg Boss 17: Big Fight Between Munawar And Mannara! Housemates Gang up against Sana, Details

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss the housemates gang up against Sana for freeing herself from house duties while Munawar gets into a nasty fight with Mannara

Bigg Boss 17
Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17: In the promo for the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 17, new developments in the house stir fights among the contestants. On one hand, Sana frees herself from house duties, while on the other hand, Mannara feels hurt by Munanwar in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss. In the last few weeks, many new developments have taken place, from Orry entering the Bigg Boss house for 2 days to new fights.

Sana frees herself from duties

In the upcoming episode, Sana expresses her disinterest in doing her house chores after seeing the piles of dishes in the sink. As she refuses to wash them, she makes a deal with Bigg Boss and gets a free pass from doing her house chores. Instead, the house’s weekly supplies will be halved. She makes this deal, leaving the rest of the contestants in anger. This causes new chaos in the house. The contestants also threaten to not feed her food in the house.

A rift between Munawar and Mannara

In another promo, the comedian Munawar Faruqui gets into a nasty fight with his co-contestant, Mannara. As the two exchange a lot of harsh words, Mannara expresses that she feels hurt. To this, Munawar replied by saying that he was not interested in talking to her. Their fight ends with Munawar saying, “Get lost” to her.

Netizens react

The netizens express their enthusiasm for the episode by saying “Sana Weldone don’t think about others yehi log weak kehty tumhien ab Mirchi lag rahi………”, “Sana rocked everyone shocked.!!” and “Thank god sahi kiya munawar bhai ne, usko zyada hi Sir pe chada diya tha”

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