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Bigg Boss 17: Couple in Crisis! Ankita and Vicky face backlash from residents; check out why

Bigg Boss 17: The promo videos of the upcoming episode reveal Ankita and Vicky in a soup. The couple will face off Isha and Neil respectively in verbal arguments.

Bigg Boss 17
Bigg Boss 17: Couple in Crisis! Ankita and Vicky face backlash from residents; check out why

Bigg Boss 17: After a much-needed twist in the game from BB, the residents of the House are beginning to move against a couple that has remained in the limelight for quite a long time. Ankita and Vicky are probably in for a hefty ride for the remaining season. The latest promos of the show reveal Isha blaming Ankita for her apparently poor cleaning skills. On the other hand, Neil has openly declared war against Vicky after he decided to nominate him for the entire season.

Bigg Boss 17: Isha’s verbal attack at Ankita

The Bigg Boss House is a place where no two people can remain in an agreement for long. We have witnessed the same over the 16 seasons of the show. Consequently, the 17th season is not any different. This time the fight is between Ankita and Isha. Ankita has maneuvered her boat in the House according to her will for quite a long time. However, it seems to be the end of her jolly ride with contestants finding her behavior to be toxic.

In one of the promo videos dropped by Colors TV’s official Instagram handle, Isha can be seen arguing with Ankita on cleaning matters. Isha said to Ankita, “You need to pay attention to cleanliness.” Enraged by Isha’s allegations, Ankita replied, “She thinks she is the goddess of cleanliness. She should do it then.” Later, Isha explained Ankita’s careless and disturbing habits explicitly. She said, “If someone speaks a little against you, you become extremely offensive. Your night suit has been hanging behind the bathroom door for 3 days.” However, Ankita kept on arguing without accepting her fault.

Neil’s comeback at Vicky

On the other hand, Ankita’s husband Vicky has also landed himself in a bit of a tussle with his friend, Neil. After nominating Neil for the entire season, Vicky has invited his hatred. Neil openly declared in front of the members of the Household that whatever comes next is going to be war. He said, “Now you will come to me someday, I will take revenge properly.” He even took Vicky’s full name and signaled the end of their friendship with a hand gesture.

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