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Bigg Boss 17: Khaanzadi vs All! Rapper faces everyone’s rage after clash with Munawar, Details

Bigg Boss 17: Khaanzadi's recent actions landed her in a heap of mess, first with Munawar and then with the rest of the house. How will this impact her game?

Bigg Boss 17: The latest episode of BB started off with an explosive bang between Khaanzadi and Munawar. When Rinku and Jigna decided among themselves what to do with the supplies, Khaanzadi felt offended and confronted them. Munawar who was sitting there tried to give his opinion, but Khaanzadi didn’t allow him to speak. Soon their disagreement turned into a huge altercation which further led almost the entire house to turn against Khaanzadi.

Bigg Boss 17: Khaanzadi’s dispute with Munawar, Rinku, and Jigna

The atmosphere inside the BB House changes faster than the weather. At one moment you would see everyone at their happiest, but the very next moment they will all be at each other’s throats. For quite some time, the self-proclaimed lone lioness of the house, Khaanzadi has been facing feelings of resentment from the rest of the residents. In the last few episodes, she herself stated several times that she wishes to go home. Consequently, certain nominations against her also came with the reason that if someone wants to go they are not deserving enough to be in the game.

All these events led to the moment that unraveled in the latest episode. In the morning itself, a huge altercation broke out between Munawar and Khaanzadi. After discussing about supplies with Jigna, Rinku walked up to Vicky to offer rice to his team. Although Vicky refused to take it, Khaanzadi got offended that this matter was not discussed between all the members of the House of Brain (Dimag). Consequently, she confronted Rinku and Jigna who were already engaged in a conversation with Munawar.

Since Khaanzadi’s way of talking seemed a bit off, Munawar felt the urge to give his opinion. However, Khaanzadi didn’t allow him the privilege to do so. Within the blink of an eye, their conversation turned into an argument, and further into a full-fledged altercation.

Abhishek and the House of Brain against Khaanzadi  

After an all-out war with Munawar, Khaanzadi had to face the wrath of Abhishek too who joined the fray. Later in the episode, Khaanzadi’s roommates were talking with Munawar in the garden area, when Neil cracked a joke using the word ‘sukoon (peace)’. Khaanzadi was triggered by this at once because residents had been mocking her after Abhishek’s ‘sukoon’ statement. When she tried to confront them, they all lashed out at her. Aishwarya in particular took her head on.

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