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Bigg Boss 17: No special provisions for Ankita and Vicky! Munawar opposes, watch

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita and Vicky once again face troubles in the House as their special treatment gets questioned. Munawar goes against the couple and the residents support him.

Bigg Boss 17
Bigg Boss 17: No special provisions for Ankita and Vicky! Munawar opposes, watch

Bigg Boss 17: The tides of time seem to be running against Ankita and Vicky lately. For quite some time the couple has been facing challenges in their relationship while remaining in the BB House. Now that things were starting to get better, they have landed themselves in another issue with the residents. The two were allowed to have special provisions in the House considering the medical reasons they gave. However, the recent promo reveals Munawar taking a strong stand against it and calling it unfair along with other residents.

Bigg Boss 17: Munawar’s stance on Ankita and Vicky’s special treatment

The latest promo for the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss reveals a shocking turn of events. Ankita and Vicky have been getting special provisions while remaining inside the House based on the medical reasons they provided. The matter was raised by the residents earlier as well but it was resolved as everyone voted in their favor. However, in the promo, Munawar seems to be having a special audience with Bigg Boss in which BB makes him listen to a recorded audio. After listening to it, Munawar’s entire point of view considering Ankita and Vicky’s special treatment changes.

After calling everyone in the dining area, Munawar addressed the issue. He says, “Vicky brother and Ankita ji, whatever special treatment comes your way is completely unfair according to me.” The next statement he utters appears to be a quote by Ankita. He says, “Who is strong outside?” Ankita immediately replies, “These are not even my words.” Munawar outrightly tells Ankita that she is lying.

Residents’ reaction to the commotion

When residents heard the entire story, they could not hold back any longer. They lashed out at the couple in one voice calling their special treatment ‘unfair’. Abhishek agrees with Munawar that Ankita and Vicky’s provisions must be canceled. Arun seconds it and adds that both of them must not be allowed to get any special provisions. At the end of the clip, Ankita appears to be weeping at Vicky’s shoulder saying, “I’m sorry.”

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