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Bigg Boss 17: Shocking! Anurag attacks Arun, Grabs his collar and says ‘Tu meri behen ko…’

Bigg Boss 17: What happens when two hot headed people start arguing? One of them loses it and goes berserk. Anurag and Arun's dispute took that bitter turn in the house and BB is furious about it.

Bigg Boss 17: After repeated warnings from BB, the house members are not able to get a simple thing in their heads, that Bigg Boss has zero tolerance for aggression. Following a mild altercation between Arun and Anurag, things went horribly wrong between the two. Both went over the limits while arguing with each other and started saying unwanted things about their family members. Anurag completely lost control in the middle of it and attacked Arun.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag crosses all limits and attacks Arun

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 was consumed by darkness. Something completely unexpected happened on the show. There is a zero-tolerance policy for physical violence in the house, however, Anurag disregarded it all and completely gave himself into his anger. It all began when Vicky probed Arun to spill details about his conversation with Anurag before coming to the show. In the middle of the conversation, Tehelka’s matter also came to the forefront. To everyone’s surprise, even he had a conversation with Abhishek before coming to the show. Apparently, he invited Abhishek to discuss the game plan but Abhishek refused to meet him.

From that point onwards, things kept escalating between Arun-Tehelka and Anurag. Within the blink of an eye, they became personal and started talking rubbish about each other’s personal life. Anurag unnecessarily kept bringing Arun’s daughter in the middle of the conversation. Out of frustration, Arun disclosed one of the incidents about Anurag. He said, “We all know what you are. In Hyderabad, you went with someone at night and came back with someone else.” In his justification, Anurag shouted at Arun and said, “She was my sister. Are you going to drag my sister on national TV?” Within seconds Anurag lost his mind and lunged at Arun, grabbed his collar, and kept shouting at him. Samarth held him tight in order to control him, but the rider kept on shouting, “Leave me! I will go out of the house but I will beat him first.”

Bigg Boss responds to Anurag and Arun

Later during the episode, Bigg Boss called everyone in the garden area to read out the news bulletin. BB narrated four featured news reports beginning with the warning given to Abhishek, Tehelka’s impudence toward BB’s property, etc. The main matter of concern was Anurag and Arun’s horrible dispute. Bigg Boss lashed out at all the house members and passed a decree once and for all. He said, “From this moment onwards, if anyone crosses the limit while projecting aggression, I will straightaway announce my verdict, and that is going to be final. There will be no questions asked thereafter.”

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