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Bigg Boss 17: Weekend Ka Vaar! Salman Khan confronts Aishwarya and Neil on relationship toxicity; Says ‘It happened with me too’

Bigg Boss 17: Couples in the house have been falling out of line and headed for disaster in their relationships. These were Salman Khan's observations at Weekend Ka Vaar.

Bigg Boss 17
Bigg Boss 17: Weekend Ka Vaar! Salman Khan confronts Aishwarya and Neil on relationship toxicity; Says 'It happened with me too'

Bigg Boss 17: Couples in the house are losing their flare and unknowingly pushing their relationship to toxic levels. The situation became so much worse that Salman Khan had to confront it on national TV. Although the fire is set among both the couples, it was Aishwarya and Neil who received the most corrections from Salman. While trying to counsel them, Salman even empathized with them and urged them to follow the right path before it was too late.

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan gives quick therapy to Aishwarya and Neil

This time ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ was packed with excitement and a lot of fun. Guess why? Because Zoya aka Katrina Kaif from Tiger 3 landed directly on the set. Salman and Katrina’s most anticipated film of this year is releasing today and Katrina came to join Salman for the film’s promotion. Meanwhile, when Salman was going through his routine confrontations, he specifically targeted a deeply concerning issue – toxicity in relationships. Salman particularly had a deep and meaningful conversation with Aishwarya and Neil on this. He later pointed the same matter at Ankita and Vicky.

While talking to Aishwarya, Salman pointed out the obvious – the way she was losing control and misbehaving with Neil over and over again. He told her clearly that the way she was projecting herself on national television was not looking good at all. Moreover, he also said that she was testing Neil’s patience to another level, there will come a day when he reaches his breaking point. Salman said, “If this continues, there will come a moment when based on a tiny, ignorable deed either of you will be set off, and you’ll be like, ‘let’s go, we’re done.’ It happened with me, it happens with everyone.” Salman directed the same counsel toward Ankita and Vicky. He said that Vicky was behaving with Ankita in the exact same manner as Aishwarya was behaving with Neil.

Couples’ response toward Salman’s counsel

It is a universal fact that nobody likes to be corrected. However, a wise person always takes constructive criticism positively. But the couples in the Bigg Boss House did not appear to be so wise after all. After taking significant corrections from Salman, both the couples again kicked off toxic discussions on their respective ends. Neil and Aishwarya failed to understand the point and couldn’t work on their shortcomings. Aishwarya felt like she was mindlessly projecting herself like a villain while Neil was playing smart, suppressing his anger in front of the cameras. On the other hand, Vicky made the entire discussion about himself and projected that Ankita triggers him due to which he behaves the way he does. He even said that he won’t give any advice to her.

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