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Bimbisara Movie Review: Powerful performance, good story but nothing much for the Female lead

Bimbisara Movie Review: So an adventurous time Travels Begins! As the most anticipated Telugu film, Bimbisara has hit the theatres. The film stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and introduces a new director to Telugu cinema, who is Vassishta.
From The trailer, it seems that Bimbosara is a period cum time-travel epic movie and further involves a mixture of past and present.

Take a look at the trailer to know more:

The plot

The story of Bimbisara is all about the ruthless king of Trigarthala- King Bimbisara, who gets to time travel and arrives in today’s world. And why is that so? Well, to safeguard the treasure that belongs to him.
Where in the initial part, the king is shown to be evil and his only motto is to conquer kingdoms without any mercy. But due to a curse his life changes and he is further sent to the present day, which is a world filled with problems. And that is when the main storyline begins.

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Let’s Review

The positives
Well, the story is quite interesting (as there is a connection being formed between the past and the present) while the lead has given the best performance till now and showcased a great negative shade to his character. Be it his expressions or body language, the acting is just top-notch! Action sequences are very well laid off in the second part of the film. While The film has rich visuals and VFX is just too the point.
Also not to forget, the music core of the film is really solid and acts as a pillar for the film.

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The Negatives

Well, the fact that the heroines do not get much screen space in bimbisara is definitely a negative point. And that can be made out from the trailer itself.

Also, once the twists and turns are revealed, the second half becomes really slow.

One of the biggest minus point for this film can be the lack of aggression and lack of intensity missing in the character.

overall, Bimbisara is definitely a one-time watch and you have go to experience this interesting story. (especially if you are a fan of time travel films)

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