BTS Launches Broadcast Channel ‘ARMY ONLY’ on Instagram, Netizens React

BTS launched their Instagram Broadcast Channel 'ARMY ONLY (Now, For Army)' and 3.5 million ARMY joined within 20 hours.

BTS: These days BTS has been the life support of ARMYs who have been dying of boredom. Ever since the discharge of the eldest member of the group, Jin from the Korean military, ARMYs are receiving new content every now and then. Recently, the official Instagram page of BTS has launched a broadcast channel exclusively for the fans. The name of the group’s channel is revealed to be ‘ARMY ONLY’ which clearly states the purpose of the new launch.


BTS always finds different ways to stay connected with their fans. ARMYs on the other hand, gives their full support to them. As soon as BTS opened their first ever Broadcast Channel, the fans went bonkers and joined the channel immediately. More than 100k fans joined the group’s channel within 2 minutes. BTS launched their channel at 6:30 PM IST and within 20 hours the ‘ARMY ONLY’ channel has around 3.6 million members. This is a visible scenario of how much ARMYs appreciate the group’s efforts. ARMY ONLY (Now, For Army) is a limited channel where the group members can send messages, images, audios and videos and ARMYs can react and share it.

Why the Channel Was Launched?

BTS and their management company always tries creative ways to introduce their upcoming projects to their fans. This time they launched a Broadcast Channel to introduce the very exciting project of the group member, Jimin. The first few messages on the ARMY ONLY (Now, For Army) channel was, ‘HI, ARMY!’, ‘Guess what? I’m planning to share some exciting news through this notice channel!’, ’70K hearts for this message, I’ll drop one video that I’ve been holding dear!’ and ARMY whole heartedly followed the request of the group. Around 7 PM IST, they shared the teaser video of Jimin’s upcoming solo album, ‘MUSE.’

ARMYs were overjoyed and confused after watching the video but later the announcement was made about his second solo album. Later, BTS changed the name of their Broadcast Channel from ‘ARMY ONLY’ to ‘For Army.’

Netizen’s React to the Launch

After seeing the BTS’ activity on Instagram, fans started trending various hashtags on social media platform, X. They were excited to see the Global Sensation using the trendy method, Instagram Broadcast Channel to interact with the fans. A lot them said that BTS finally got a Gen-Z employee to handle their social media handles. Rest of them were excited to consume the content BTS is delivering for the fans.

BTS Work Front

Ever since the release of BTS’ eldest Jin, from the Korean Military, the group has been delivering a lot of content for the fans. Jin got discharged on 12th June and held a hug event for the ARMYs the very next day to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the group. Another member, Jungkook released a fan song, ‘Never Let Go’ and without any promotion of the song it entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #97. Jimin is all set to release his new album ‘MUSE’ on 19th July 2024. Their fans have been overjoyed for the past month. J-hope will get discharged from the military within 4 months, in October. The rest of the members will serve in the Korean Military till 2025.

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