Can you Guess this Top Actress who was Abused by Husband, Linked with Former Pakistan PM and has a Net Worth of 240 Crore?

Zeenat Aman

In the illustrious world of Indian cinema, there’s a luminary who not only dazzled on screen but also had a life marked by tumultuous relationships and personal struggles. Let’s delve into the journey of Zeenat Aman, an iconic figure whose life reflects both the glitz of stardom and the shadows of adversity.

From Pageants to Stardom

Zeenat Aman, born in 1951 in Bombay (now Mumbai), emerged from a diverse background, with a Muslim father and a Maharashtrian mother. Her early years were tinged with the pain of her parents’ divorce. Despite the challenges, she pursued her education, completing her schooling in Panchgani and embarking on a journey to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Before gracing the silver screen, Aman made waves in the world of modeling, clinching prestigious titles such as the Femina Miss India and the Miss Asia Pacific International pageants in 1970. Her foray into Bollywood commenced in 1970, gaining momentum with her breakthrough performance in the 1971 film ‘Haré Rama Haré Krishna’.

Triumphs and Turmoil

Aman’s cinematic journey was a tapestry of successes and controversies. She radiated charm and captivated audiences, earning her the status of a superstar in the 70s. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, her personal life bore the scars of tumultuous relationships.

Sanjay Khan, a prominent figure in the film industry, became intertwined with Aman’s life. Their relationship culminated in marriage in 1978 but was short-lived, marred by reports of abuse. A tragic incident in 1980 left Aman with enduring scars, both physical and emotional, as she endured abuse that resulted in a lazy eye and a broken jaw.

Second Chances

Despite the shadows of her past, Zeenat Aman found solace in a second marriage with actor Mazhar Khan in 1985. This union brought two sons into her life, Azaan Khan and Zahaan Khan. Yet, happiness remained elusive, as revealed by Zeenat Aman herself in a candid interview, where she expressed discontentment in her second marriage.

Linked with Imran Khan

In the tapestry of Zeenat Aman’s personal life, rumors swirled about a deep relationship with former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. While the details remain speculative, their alleged connection added another layer of intrigue to Aman’s storied life journey.

Legacy and Net Worth

Zeenat Aman’s contributions to Indian cinema are etched in history, earning her accolades and adoration from fans. Beyond the silver screen, she amassed substantial wealth, with a reported net worth of $30 million (approximately 240 crores in Indian rupees) as of 2022. Her enduring beauty and talent have secured her a place among the 10 Hottest Bollywood Actresses Of All Time, as recognized by Bollywood Hungama in April 2019.

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