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Home ENTERTAINMENT ChatGPT amuses Deepika Padukone with musical insights; check out her reaction

ChatGPT amuses Deepika Padukone with musical insights; check out her reaction

ChatGPT has taken the world by surprise and probably no one has been more intrigued lately than Deepika Padukone. Check out the first episode of DP Asks ChatGPT and its apt replies.

ChatGPT amuses Deepika Padukone with musical insights; Do you agree with it?

ChatGPT is nothing less than a renowned celebrity in today’s generation and even Deepika Padukone can vouch for it. Recently, the Bollywood starlet took to her Instagram to post the first episode of ‘DP Asks ChatGPT’. The first question that popped up in Deepika’s mind was “What was the most famous song in each generation?” Deepika agreed with some of the answers given by ChatGPT, but would you agree with them all?

Deepika Padukone feeds her curiosity with ChatGPT

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector has witnessed a considerable boom over the years. Today, several AI agents are available at your fingertips to provide you with all the answers you need. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is among the most popular agents in this sector. When the whole world is relying on the insights of the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence platform ChatGPT, the B-Town diva Deepika Padukone also decided to explore it.

Deepika fed her curiosity by asking ChatGPT an integral question about music. In the first episode of DP asks ChatGPT, Deepika asks, “What was the most famous song in each generation?” ChatGPT started with the Silent Generation with the answer ‘What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong,’ and Deepika agreed with it. For the Baby Boomers generation, ChatGPT replied, ‘Hey Jude by The Beatles.’ ChatGPT’s answer for Generation X was, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.’ For the Millenial Generation ChatGPT replied, ‘Hotline Bling by Drake’. Finally, for Generation Z, ChatGPT’s answer was, ‘Old Town Road by Lil Nas X’.

Netizens’ reactions to the hilarious post by Deepika

Deepika’s rendezvous with ChatGPT was nothing less than a funny episode. As the netizens saw the post on her Instagram handle, they couldn’t hold themselves back from commenting with their reactions. Some of her fans expressed surprise saying, “wait you really didn’t knew old town road?????????” and “deepika (sic) not knowing old Town road is quite shocking.”

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