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Home ENTERTAINMENT Cuttputlli Review: Akshay Kumar starrer makes for a lousy weekend watch

Cuttputlli Review: Akshay Kumar starrer makes for a lousy weekend watch

Cuttputlli Review: Akshay Kumar starrer Cuttputli is here. The film, touted as an edge of thriller, premiered on Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday. It is merely an exact replica of the 2018 film Ratsasan, from which the film takes inspiration. This is Akshay’s second OTT giant and third South remake in recent years. Are these statistics making you wonder if Bollywood still has anything new to offer? You are not alone, though.

Cuttputlli Review

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Akshay If someone is pressuring you to act in these movies, scream louder than that awkward car scene. Because no other explanation can support these meaningless, pointless decisions with any substance. Mr. Khiladi, how many more duds are there to go before we get a good one? Of course, he isn’t entirely to blame because there are other people who have been given the means by a producer and who kind of support this Tinkle comic movie.

Cuttputlli is incredibly tiresome to watch due to the dialogue, Aseem Arora’s screenplay, or flaws in it. I won’t compare this rumoured to be an unofficial Ratsasan remake because I haven’t seen the original. But if those two were comparable, I’d like to know why no one forbade people from investing money in this flimsy script a second time. This movie screams convenience, laziness, and amateur production values.

Divya, a particularly fashionable and obstinate schoolteacher played by Rakul Preet Singh, is merely relegated to the role of Arjan’s love interest. If you haven’t seen Ratsasan, she offers a crucial clue that leads to a plot twist you didn’t see coming, but her flowing hair, sarees, and dream-sequence escapes into exotic locations for pointless dance numbers with the hero take centre stage. SHO Parmar, played by Sargun Mehta, gets to portray a fully developed character with an arc, and she performs admirably. When Hrishitaa Bhatt returns as Seema Singh, Arjan’s older sister, it takes a moment to sink in that she is actually portraying Akshay Kumar’s sister. Joshua Leclair as Christopher and Sujith Shanker as Purushottam Tomar both stand out in their brief but significant roles.

After Sooryavanshi, Akshay Kumar himself dons the police uniform once more, and he does a good job of filling it. He does seem younger, and we wonder if “de-aging,” which Aamir Khan made us aware of in Laal Singh Chaddha, had anything to do with it.

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