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Ghoomer Review: Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher’s sports drama strikes gold, scores big on the Field and Emotions

Ghoomer Review: As the festive lights twinkled on the night of Diwali, a heartwarming scene unfolded between Saiyami Kher and her coach Abhishek Bachchan. Saiyami, playing the role of Anina, pays a visit to wish her coach a happy Diwali. In a beautifully scripted and shot sequence, Abhishek challenges her to bowl in torchlight while wearing a saree. The scene encapsulates the essence of pushing one’s boundaries, a theme that resonates throughout ‘Ghoomer‘.

Pushing boundaries; The essence of ‘Ghoomer’

‘Ghoomer’ weaves a compelling narrative that centers around the journey of Anina, portrayed by Saiyami Kher. The film’s engaging storyline takes us from Anina’s humble beginnings, practicing on a makeshift pitch in her backyard, to her rise to the international cricket stage in England. Set against the backdrop of heart and logic, the movie immerses us in the world where determination meets adversity, crafting a tale of self-belief and resilience.

Director R Balki takes an unambiguous route in conveying his message through ‘Ghoomer’. He wastes no time in delving into Anina’s journey, a talented cricketer with dreams of joining India’s National Women’s Cricket team. When life takes an unexpected turn, Balki introduces us to Padam Singh Sodhi, fondly known as Paddy sir (played by Abhishek Bachchan). Paddy, a former cricketer burdened with his own failures, becomes Anina’s beacon of hope, driving her to conquer new challenges.

The heart of ‘Ghoomer’ lies in the transformation of Anina from a batter to a left-arm bowler under Paddy’s guidance. The film tugs at the emotional strings as Anina confronts her limitations and learns to adapt. The character-driven plot touches upon crucial themes of self-discovery, gender equality, discrimination in sports, and the power of education.

Star-cast performance

The film’s well-crafted screenplay makes it easy for the audience to empathize with the characters’ struggles and triumphs. Saiyami Kher shines as Anina, portraying her journey with authenticity and conviction. Abhishek Bachchan delivers a powerhouse performance as Paddy, embodying the character’s complexities and emotional arc. The on-screen chemistry between Saiyami and Abhishek adds depth to their interactions. Shabana Azmi’s portrayal of Anina’s grandmother stands out as a heartwarming contribution. 

Celebration of empathy and desire

‘Ghoomer’ successfully marries entertainment and empathy, leaving the audience with a sense of pride and fulfillment. At its heart, the film emphasizes that life is not just a logical puzzle but a magical journey of possibilities. The movie’s message, bolstered by impactful performances, resonates long after the final frame. 

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