Gorgeous Aashiqui Actress Anu Aggarwal Then and Now Look; Check Reasons Behind Her Transformation

Anu Aggarwal's Transformation: The Tragic Story Behind Her Disfigured Face

Anu Aggrawal: Very few Bollywood actresses are able to win over the audience’s hearts with their exceptional work in an overnight. Anu Aggrawal belongs to this exclusive group of actresses. Anu made her screen debut in the 1990 Bollywood film “Aashiqui,” and her astounding performance and stunning beauty propelled her to stardom right away. The actress was breathtakingly gorgeous when she was younger, but looking at her most recent photos and videos, it is difficult to realise how beautiful she was. Let’s examine her current appearance and the cause of her abrupt exit from the spotlight.

The Stunning Debut of Anu Aggarwal in “Aashiqui”

Anu Aggrawal, who became famous quickly and mesmerised everyone with her beauty, is no longer as dazzling and stunning as she once was. The actress used to have a lovely and gorgeous face, but these days she looks completely different from how she looked a few years ago. Her face is now scarred from several injuries. Let’s see how her look changed so dramatically.

The Tragic Accident That Changed Anu Aggarwal’s Life

Several media reports claim that in 1990, Anu Aggrawal was a part of a horrific accident. Because of the strong rain, her car toppled three times close to the Chowpatty neighbourhood of Mumbai, causing significant damage. As a result of this event, the actress spent 29 days in a coma and suffered serious facial disfigurement.

Anu Aggarwal’s Struggle and Recovery Post-Accident

Anu Aggarwal

Several media reports also suggest that Anu Aggrawal, who became an overnight star, lost her facial beauty in the road accident, leaving her deeply distressed. She endured immense difficulties during that traumatic time but could not make a comeback in the film industry. According to her, beauty is essential in films along with acting talent, and she had lost her beauty.

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