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Happy Birthday Jungkook: Know about BTS Golden Maknae’s Tattoos, Piercings & Hair Colors

Happy Birthday Jungkook: Birthdays of any of the BTS members are nothing short of a festival, with ARMYs all over the world going all out to celebrate. Fans of the Golden Maknae have organised birthday projects, DJ parties, and installations in the weeks leading up to September 1, the day Jeon Jungkook was born. Many of the celebration themes reflect Jungkook’s 25th birthday this year. On this special occasion, here’s everything that you need to know about Jungkook’s tattoos, piercings & hairstyles.

About Jungkook’s Hair Colors

Jungkook Hair Color’s

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Jungkook has changed his hair colour a lot over the years. Jungkook’s signature style is his jet black hair. When he chose a medium brown colour, it accentuated his cute side even more. Jungkook experimented with red hair for the first time in 2014. Years later, he reintroduced the colour in an ombré style. JK debuted an eggplant-colored ‘do during the “DOPE” era. He experimented with ash brown hair for the first time in 2018. JK then chose a cherry colour that was a mix of bright red and pink.

Jungkook transformed into a pastel prince after fading his cherry look into the trendy grapefruit colour. He eventually went bleach blonde after some highlights. JK added purple highlights to his brown hair during the “Not Today” era. He was transformed into a multicoloured prince with a distinct appearance. Jungkook has constantly experimented with dip-dye, even attempting teal. He also chose a true blue colour. Jungkook demonstrates his suitability for any colour after attempting nearly every colour of the rainbow!

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About Jungkook’s Tattoos

The Most recent tattoo of JK is the number ‘7’ tattoo which is inked behind his ears to commemorate the company of all his bandmates. The BTS logo is one of the tattoos on Jungkook’s arm. He has a bright skeleton hand tattooed on his arm. He priviously had an eye tattooed on his hand, which has been replaced by the words ‘Bullet Proof’ based on group’s most recent album. The word ‘ARMY’ is tattooed on Jungkook’s hand and a simple heart emoticon is also placed just below the ARMY tattoo. A crown tattoo sits just above the ARMY tattoo on one of his fingers. The number ‘0613’ is written on Jungkook’s right thumb, which is thought to be the date of the group’s debut, June 13, 2013. JK has a microphone tattooed on his hand as well.

About Jungkook’s Piercings

Jungkook has the most piercings of any member of BTS, and we’re not sure how many he has. He used to have his brows pierced but no longer does, and he also has his lip pierced. We estimate that he has at least six in his right ear and at least three in his left ear. He wears several studs and hoops, but it’s not always clear whether each stud is a separate earring. He has at least 11 piercings, according to our estimates. There has been speculation about other piercings, but nothing has been confirmed.

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