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House of the Dragon Ep 4 Review: Matt Smith and Milly Alcock shine brighter in the episode, the prequel has the GOT vibe

House of the Dragon Ep 4 Review: It seems a bit unbelievable how well House of the Dragon has been going ahead considering after the impact that Game of Thrones had left on the audience. It is nearly impossible to recreate an amazing and memorable series like that. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is really different & entertaining for the audience.

But we are lucky that the prequel has been a blessing so far. It not only takes us back to Westeros but also, it’s a very better version in itself. Audience loves House of the Dragon very much. The third episode of the series was seen as the bloodiest episode. We saw Daemon Targayen(Matt Smith) emerging really victorious after his long battle against Crabfeeder in the Stepstones.

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Princess find herself in a tighter spot

Targayen’s victory expected to find him respect. And make him look like a really worthy contender for the throne but in the fourth episode. it’s seen that Daemon won’t hesitate using other ways to use the same power. The fourth episode of the show titled as “King of the Narrow Sea” is about Daemon’s (Smith) return to landing of King and his dangerous plan. It looks like a tough task for Princess Rhaenyra(Milly Alcock) to find the suitor. The princess was unsuccessful to find herself a match, that will strengthen her family’s reputation and her place on the throne. The princess find herself in a tighter spot as the council continues to push her to marry Laenor Velaryan(John Macmillam).

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Without giving any spoilers about HOD. The main thing that is needed to be discussed about the fourth episode is, that it will give you the vibe of GOT-level drama this time. These episodes needs no deaths and blood to insert some shock for viewers because it has for more sinister stuff for the audience.

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