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Hrithik Roshan opens up on facing success and failure in the industry: ‘It has become… ‘

Bollywood's captivating star, Hrithik Roshan, shares deep insights into the subtleties of his turbulent career journey in a candid and perceptive interview. He also shares his profound observations on the ups and downs of success and failure that have molded his impressive career.

Fighter, which starred Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, recently had a significant theatrical release and is currently doing well at the box office. It was only the sixth time an Indian film had topped the worldwide charts when his movie Fighter became the weekend’s top movie worldwide. After that, Hrithik Roshan talked to Pinkvilla in an interview in which he discussed his aerial action and the commercial success and failure of his films in brief.

Hrithik Roshan opens up on success and failure

Hrithik Roshan said right away that he received his validation from the box office when asked what source it is. He continued by adding that others who adore and respect him, such as his sons and partner, provide him with additional validation. He talked about receiving love and revealed if its tangible and intangible. The actor said, “It’s really both. Like what really fills you up”. I have experienced a film that has not done well at the box office. But it has filled up so many innumerable moments in my life where I have met people, fans, friends; and it has become like a legacy or something that I know that I have done something which is good, and it’s like a pat in the back that goes on for decades.”

He added, “Let’s say that I get the box office numbers, it has done 300 crores or whatever, but my work is not good, that never really comes back to you in a way that fills your heart up. So, both are important and if you get both in one film, it’s amazing. But if I had to choose one, I don’t know which one will fill me up more.”

Hrithik about Vikram Vedha

The Fighter actor talked about his film Vikram Vedha which was a big flop at the box office. He said, “I did a film called Vikram Vedha in which there was no box office. The numbers were abysmal. It was a big flop. But my work was appreciated so much that it gave me strength. It validated me. It encouraged me. And especially because it didn’t do well, it says even more. I kind of feel stronger. Because my mission is not box office but my mission is growth. If that part is satisfied and people are saying that they saw something new, I feel like, ‘Aah. I think I have grown. I think I am going deeper. I think I am applause-worthy. Oh am I? Thank you so much’, that feels so good to me.”

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