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Lalit Modi: Is Lalit Modi ugly? A victim of Reverse Sexism?

Lalit Modi: So what according to you should be the ‘GOAL FOR MEN’? Well, should it be to have a great bank balance in order to attract women?

And what about the Looks? Well they don’t matter if you are Rich (Say what?) well, this is something that we are not promoting (Not at all), but some of the tags that are being thrown at Lalit Modi.

Now people are calling him “the inspiration”, not for the kind of human-being he is; but rather for his bank balance and the fact that he is able to date a Former Miss universe irrespective of being “UGLY”.

Isn’t this a sheer case of Reverse Sexism?

Former IPL Chairman tagged as ‘UGLY’

So soon after Lalit Modi confirmed her relationship with former Miss Universe, people started commenting on Lalit Modi’s look, and started creating Memes and Reels, further tagging him as an ‘Ugly old Man’.
While some netizens are also questioning to why Only Lalit made his relationship Official, while Sushmita is mum about it.

A user commented and wrote, “Earn so much money that even if your face is ugly, you still have the beauty of the world, lalit Modi is our true inspiration!”

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It’s not just Sushmita, Even Kareena Kapoor was targeted

So, it’s not just Sushmita but the time when Kareena Kapoor khan married Saif Ali Khan, even though she was targeted for being a gold digger and marrying a ‘Pataudi’. (Just for money and nothing else)

These beauty standards and stereotypes laid around a women’s life are somehow targeting men as well. The toxic idea of male beauty is still harming society on the whole. And no matter what, words like “Penniless” and “Ugly” shouldn’t be relevant in today’s time.

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