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Lucknow News: Vicky Kaushal’s brilliant Khukuri folk dance with Gurkha soldiers; Watch amazing performance

Lucknow News: Vicky Kaushal met the Gurkha soldiers in Lucknow and mesmerized everyone with a collaborative performance. Here's how Vicky faired at the Khukuri folk dance of the Gurkhas.

Lucknow News
Lucknow News: Vicky Kaushal's brilliant Khukuri folk dance with Gurkha soldiers; Watch amazing performance

Lucknow News: Vicky Kaushal tagged along with the Gurkha soldiers recently in Lucknow to perform the famous Khukuri folk dance. The actor has been having quite a few encounters with the Indian Army soldiers as of late ahead of ‘Sam Bahadur’ release. The latest adventure that he embarked on was his meeting with the Gurkha soldiers in Lucknow. The star presented an outstanding performance of the Khukuri folk dance along with the soldiers.

Lucknow News: Vicky Kaushal grooves along with Gurkha soldiers

Actor Vicky Kaushal has been doing rounds all over the country for the promotion of his upcoming film Sam Bahadur. The movie is based on the life of Sam Manekshaw, the Indo-Pakistan War hero. In the past few days, the star has made the best of his attempts to closely associate with the real field heroes of the country. Some time ago, he met the 6 Sikh Regiment in Delhi and trained with them to get a taste of their strenuous lifestyle. Quite recently, Vicky tagged along with the Gurkha soldiers in Lucknow to perform their famous Khukuri folk dance.

A video went viral on social media in which Vicky is seen dancing with several Gurkha soldiers on the stage. Vicky appeared in his khaki attire to exhibit an army-like vibe. He carried a medium-sized dagger and a shield, the popular props used in a Khukuri dance. The performer is required to twist and turn the props in a predefined sequence. That said, Vicky performed these moves as if he had been learning them since his childhood. He looked nothing apart from the other Gurkha soldiers other than his appearance.

About the upcoming biopic ‘Sam Bahadur’

Vicky Kaushal’s latest project is the biopic of the Indo-Pakistan War hero Sam Manekshaw by the title, ‘Sam Bahadur.’ The film is set to release on December 1, 2023. Vicky will lead the film as Sam Manekshaw while Sanya Malhotra will appear in a supporting role as his wife, Siloo Manekshaw. The story will revolve around the bravery of Sam as he led his soldiers during the war and his 40 years of service in the Indian Army.

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