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New on Netflix: Best Comedies to Watch in August

New on Netflix: Netflix has an extremely extensive library, that almost seems infinite when sifting through. There are romantic comedies, satires, action comedies, dramedies, musical comedies, and plenty more available on the streaming giant.


Adam Sandler’s sports movie is one of the best in 2022. The movie displays his acting chops, showing his talent as a dramatic actor, while also portraying his real love for basketball, and the merits of casting real athletes as performers in sports movies.


Direct-to-video action expert Jesse V. Johnson has been known to make severale hour and a half long action comedies, but some of the fan favourites are his two Debt Collector movies starring Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor. Check them out on Netflix now!


Paddington is a cult-classic. It’s a warm and cozy film that blankets around you in the perfect way. The eponoymous Peruvian bear cub is played by Ben Whishaw in Paul King’s 2014 live-action movie, carrying around a ajr of marmalade, coming in illegally on a boat to London searching for a new home.


Creator Noah Baumbach is known for his particular style of filmmaking and dramedies. One of his best is Frances Ha, which is unfortunately no longer streaming on Netflix, but the heartfelt and underseen Meyerowitz Stories is.

The family drama stars Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Elizabeth Marvel, who play three dysfunctional siblings who take a breka from their very different lives to visit their father, the ailing family patriarch, played by Dustin Hoffman.


One of Shane Black’s best buddy cop comedies, the film stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as Holland March and Jackson Healy, an unlikely pair of down-and-out private eyes in 1970s Los Angeles who could generously be described as two of the most likable awful people you will ever meet. When the investigation of a missing girl and the death of a porn star bring the two together, Holland and Jackson are forced to team up to get to the bottom of an insidious conspiracy.

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