OMG! Ananya Panday’s Airport Bag Costs More Than Your Car! Check

Ananya Panday

The charming Bollywood actress Ananya Panday is gaining a lot of attention on social media for her lavish lifestyle, particularly for the accessories she chooses. Recently, she was the center of attention as she passed through the airport while carrying a designer bag. Searches for this item went viral on the internet.

Ananya Panday’s famous bag from Bottega Veneta

Ananya Panday is often seen wearing a beautiful bag from the famous luxury brand Bottega Veneta. The brand is known for its sophisticated designs and high-quality leather work. The bag is made of red leather and shows how wealthy Ananya lives.

Bottega Veneta looks very expensive

Bottega Veneta is known for its minimalist design and high-quality fabrics. Every piece radiates sophistication and elegance, which makes it a global favourite among astute fashion fans. The brand’s reputation as a mark of refined taste and elegance is further cemented by Ananya Panday’s selection of it.

The Price Tag Is Jaw-Dropping

The cost of Ananya Pandas bag is more than a four-wheeler in many homes. According to reports, this luxurious item is estimated at INR 8,14,706.

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