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Pakistani actress Mahira Khan opens up on her ‘difficult’ divorce from Ali Askari: ‘That was very painful’

Mahira Khan

The popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, famous for her role in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, makes headlines with her appearances and statements. She has always been open about her personal and professional life.

Now, her statement about her personal life and divorce from his husband is going viral on the internet as the actress opened up about the ‘painful and difficult’ time of her life after her divorce from her childhood love Ali Askari. She revealed that she fled to Los Angeles when she was 17 years old to meet her love, Ali.

Mahira Khan on meeting Ali in Los Angeles

The actor-singer explained on the FWhy Podcast, “We were always supposed to go to LA because my uncles were already there. But, at 17, I insisted on going early because I was in love and he was present. However, after arriving there mujhe meri naani yaad aa gayi.”

Mahira also said that the relationship split up after she travelled to LA to see Ali in 2006. However, their love blossomed once again, and the pair chose to mend their relationship. While in LA, the actress enrolled in college to finish her education, but she dropped out in the middle to marry her now-estranged spouse in a conventional wedding ceremony in 2007 and return to Pakistan.

The actress on her ‘painful and difficult’ divorce

The couple welcomed their first child, a son called Azlaan, in 2009. However, the two of them called it quits and split in 2015. As she reflected on the difficult time, the actress remarked, “Post Azu, I knew my marriage was…even prior, I guess. But I believe you continue to love the person who was your childhood lover. However, I believe that was a very hard and stressful moment. I was very young back then. I was afraid because I had a baby.”

Mahira said, “I was quite successful professionally. I never expected to become successful with Humsafar overnight. But it was a difficult moment for me.” The actress talked about reliving the agony of her divorce. “It’s very painful when you’re going through it. You’re seated in a room with the feeling that the walls are closing in on you. You’re nervous for no apparent reason. That, I believe, is more unpleasant than making a decision.”

Her work helped her after her divorce

Speaking about the first few years of her separation, she remarked, “The first few years were incredibly traumatic because it involved two decent individuals, and there was no abusive behaviour. But it was as if two children had married, and occasionally two people mature in different ways. There was also some peer pressure to return.”

But it was her child who inspired her to stand on her own two feet. “I knew I’d take my child, but I also knew I didn’t want to be reliant on anyone, not even my parents.” I had my work when no one was around. “It was a huge help,” the actress concluded.

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