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Sanskari Part 2 Web Series on ULLU: Riddhima Tiwari leaves nothing to chance in this series that revolves around sleaze, lust and revenge; video

Explore 'Sanskari Part 2' on ULLU to learn more about the complex web of secrets and ties. Accompany Riddhima Tiwari as she makes her way down the difficult route of transforming lives. Will she be successful in her attempt to change Alia Naaz's fate?

Sanskari Part 2 Web Series on ULLU

Sanskari Part 2 Web Series on ULLU: These days, a lot of individuals enjoy watching. While it’s true that the material and viewers on this platform vary greatly, people nevertheless appreciate the dramatic and romantic web series.

In light of this, the second instalment of the “Sanskari” web series was made available on Ullu today, November 7. It is now available to stream on this platform. Even though viewers enjoyed the first five episodes a lot, this web series is currently trending once more. Let’s see what Part 2 has in store.

Watch Sanskari Part 2 Web Series on ULLU

Aliya Naaz and Riddhima Tiwari play a very important role in the story of this web series. Riddhima Tiwari (Barkha) plans to break Rakesh’s marriage to marry him and for this she develops a relationship with Rakesh’s uncle. Rajshree makes a plan to throw Barkha out of the house and starts revealing her relationship with her uncle to Barkha but this ploy backfires on her and Barkha tells Rakesh that she will divorce Rajshree (Aliya Naaz) and marry him. Do it. So will Riddhima Tiwari be successful in breaking Alia Naaz’s marriage? To know, watch the Sanskari Part 2 Web Series on ULLU.


About the series

The series shows that family dynamics suffer from romantic fantasies. Directed by Bhomik Gaikwad, it features Anita Jaiswal, Aliya Naaz, Ridhima Tiwari, and Bheem Raaj in pivotal roles. Part 2 has been released on the streaming platform.

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