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Shah Rukh Khan Spills the Beans! His First Valentine’s Day Gift for Wife with Gauri Will Melt Your Heart

Travel back in time with Shah Rukh Khan as he reminisces about his very first Valentine's Day with wife Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri

Actor Shah Rukh Khan and his talented wife, interior designer Gauri Khan, have woven a love story that spans over three enchanting decades. As Valentine’s Day 2024 approaches, let us rewind to a heartwarming moment when Shah Rukh revealed his very first gift to Gauri on this special day. Their enduring love story has made them one of the most adored couples in Bollywood, and their journey began with their marriage in 1991.

Shah Rukh’s First Valentine’s Day Gift

In the year 2023, during an engaging ‘Ask SRK’ session on social media X (formerly known as Twitter), a curious fan posed a heartfelt question: “What was your first Valentine’s Day gift for Gauri ma’am? @iamsrk #AskSRK.” Shah Rukh, with his signature wit, reminisced, “If I remember correctly, it’s been what 34 years now… a pair of pink plastic earrings, I think…”

A Love Beyond Boundaries

Shah Rukh Khan, the epitome of romance in the film industry, has consistently melted hearts with his gestures. In 2020, he shared an endearing picture with Gauri, their hands entwined, accompanied by the caption: “36 years…ab toh Valentine’s bhi humse pooch kar aata hai” (now even Valentine’s seeks our permission before arriving). Their union began on October 25, 1991, and they are blessed with three wonderful children: Aryan, Suhana, and AbRam.

The First Crush: Gauri’s Impact

In a candid moment a few years ago, during an episode of Rajat Sharma’s show Aap Ki Adalat, Shah Rukh Khan revealed his teenage heart’s secret. “Mera first crush Gauri thi,” he confessed (my first crush was Gauri). He said, “She was 14 then, and I was 18. We met at a party in Delhi, and she was the first girl who engaged me in conversation for more than three seconds. I was so captivated by her that…” And in Punjabi, he declared, “Ehi kudi leni hai (I have to be with this girl only).”

Shah Rukh Khan’s Journey in Cinema

While fans eagerly await Shah Rukh Khan’s cinematic endeavors, his recent film “Dunki” has garnered praise and admiration from audiences worldwide. Despite the pressures of success and failure, Shah Rukh remains grateful for the unwavering support of his fans, acknowledging their love and encouragement as the driving force behind his artistic endeavors.

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