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Shark Tank India Season 3: Anupam Mittal Praises ‘Kibo’ Founders For Helping Visually Impaired; WATCH

Don’t pass up the opportunity to see creativity and empathy in action, as 'Kibo' raises the bar for social impact and business prowess.

Shark Tank India Season 3

Several brands, including Without, Kibo, and Alt, will be featured in the upcoming episode of Shark Tank India Season 3. The show’s trailer was posted to @sharktank.india, the official Instagram account. The founder of Shaadi.com, Anupam Mittal, recently praised the designers of “Kibo,” a cutting-edge tool intended to help the blind. On Shark Tank India’s third season, the Kibo founders made an appearance to pitch their product to possible investors. Mittal gave the inventors acclaim for their wonderful invention and the potential benefits it may have for the lives of those who are visually impaired.

Shark Tank India Season 3 Judge Anupam Mittal Praises Kibo

The founders of the brand Kibo presented their pitch to the sharks and they impressed the sharks with their innovation. The founders revealed that the technology is patented and Anupam Mittal started praising the brand. He said, “Aapka..mission…purpose..iraada bahut hi nek hai. Jo aap dono mein integrity hai vo bhi dikhti hai.” The brand will help visually impaired people to understand documents. Aman Gupta also praised the brand and he fought with Peyush Bansal to secure the deal with the brand. However, the episode is going to be interesting because the sharks will be fighting with each other to secure the deal.

Other Brands Who Were Seen in the Promo

The promo also showed other brands like Without which aims to make sunglasses with the use of Chips’ packet. Another brand Alt also presented the pitch ahead of the sharks and it makes milk that is not real milk but gives nutrition and tastes of the milk

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