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Shark Tank India Season 3 Judge Vineeta Singh gets emotional after reading THIS letter; WATCH

The entrepreneurs came with extraordinary idea to revive the art of writing in the digital age. They locked the deal after their pitch.

Shark Tank India Season 3: In every episode, many entrepreneurs come and they show their innovations to the sharks. Some entrepreneurs make them happy and some of them leave them stunned. The recent episode showed a company that aims to revive the art of writing letters in the digital age. Their pitch started with an interesting thing as the postman came inside the tank and gave letters to the sharks. They received letters from their loved ones and special persons. Vineeta Singh got emotional on the show as she got the letter from her IIT professor and she talked about him on the show.

Shark Tank India Season 3 Judge Vineeta Singh Remembers Her Professor

A promo of the episode is also going viral on the internet which showed the sharks getting emotional and happy after receiving the letters. Shivani and Harnehmat, the co-founders, presented their venture in the show. The pitchers mentioned that people have forgotten how to write and mail letters in this age of texting. They say they want to give the Sharks letters from their loved ones and close friends, and they want to connect the dil (heart), dimag (brain), and kalam (pen).

Aman Gupta from his daughter, Ritesh Agarwal from his wife, Vineeta Singh from her professor, and Radhika Gupta from her husband & son and Peyush Bansal received from his wife. They became emotional after reading the letters; Shark Vineeta Singh started crying as she felt nostalgic after receiving the letter. Vineeta Singh shared that she received a letter from her IIT professor who inspired her to become an entrepreneur. She said, “What he did for me, mujhe lagta hain main Shark Tank pe agar do teen entrepreneur ke liye kar pau, I think it will be a feeling of kaafi pride.”

Who Locked the Deal with Pitchers?

After talking with the co-founder, Ritesh Agarwal decided to invest in the company. He made an offer of 36 lakhs for 6% of the business. Shivani asked Ritesh for five per cent. Ritesh objected and stated a condition; he asked them regarding their annual goal. They hope to raise about one crore during this fiscal year, according to Shivani. Ritesh continued by saying he would give them back 1% of the equity if they were to meet the goal this year. The pitchers signed the deal with him.

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