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Subhash Ghai slams Bollywood stars for charging high fees, says ‘Saara toh tu le gaya’

Subhash Ghai: Filmmaker Subhash Ghai has slammed Bollywood A-listers for charging high fees. He says this leaves producers with no money to make films properly.

Bollywood is facing tough times as many big-budget movies have failed on the box office. Besides, the boycott trends has directly affected their business. On top of that high fees charged by Bollywood biggies only makes things difficult for filmmakers.

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Money talk

Shubash Ghai recently came down heavily on the film stars. “It’s a very good thing that stars get ₹100 crore. But as a director, I should get ₹125 crore then. After all, I made the film. I wish they get 100 and I get 125. But how will I get that much money when the producer is left with ₹2 crore. The producer’s share is just that of the production manager. Saara toh tu le gaya (You took all the money).”

According to reports, some of the biggest names and A-listers in Bollywood have reportedly taken home compensation as high as ₹100 crores for one film. This includes their fees and shares in distribution and other rights. While none of the stars have confirmed or denied these numbers, multiple reports have stated that stars command extremely high fees.

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Difficult task

The veteran director added that it becomes difficult for producers to make the film since bulk of the budgets are now finished in stars’ high fees. He continued in Hindi, “80-90% paisa toh tum le gaye. Ab picture main kya banaun? (You (the stars) took 80-90% of the money. Now how do I make the film?). I will save ₹5-10 crore and will survive somehow. This is the state producers are in while making films today. How can this be? Producer is the boss of the film, but you have reduced him to a production manager. He is working on 20%, and by taking 80%, you have taken all the creative decisions in your hand.”

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