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Temptation Island India: Is Arjun’s fantasy causing a rift between Neha and Navisha? Watch

Temptation Island India: Just before the eliminations, Arjun shares his deepest secret out in the open. It prompts Neha and Navisha to discuss things closely.

Temptation Island India: The sizzling dating show has gained tremendous popularity among Indian audiences ever since its OTT release. However, tonight’s episode will decide who will stay on the Island and who will be eliminated. Just before that, contestants got a chance to reveal their deepest secrets/fantasies on the show when Arjun shared something that shook the earth beneath the feet of two of the girls – Neha and Navisha.

Temptation Island India: Arjun reveals his secret fantasy

The game of romance, love, and heartbreak is raging on at full throttle on the Island. With the ongoing events, the show is living up to its name completely. So far, it has been successful in depicting that no matter how strong a relationship may claim to be, it is in human nature to slip into temptations quite often. Arjun Aneja entered the show with his partner Chestha Bhagat, however, currently, he is dwindling between Neha Anand and Navisha Rajk.

The latest promo of tonight’s episode reveals the fun and games happening on the island before eliminations. In one of the activities, contestants are asked to share their deepest secrets or fantasies before everyone. Arjun seizes the opportunity to reveal his fantasy of kissing Navisha in public. This comes as a shock to both Navisha and Neha. However, Arjun carried out the task with complete honesty. Now the question is, if he gets to survive the eliminations, how is this move going to impact his stay on the Island?

Neha and Navisha’s reaction to Arjun’s big secret

Arjun’s daring reveal in front of everyone led Neha and Navisha to discuss the matter up close. The clip depicts Neha sharing her opinion with Navisha saying, “Arjun chose that Neha is his priority… Whenever a game comes, everything is about Neha for him, and then he suddenly says that he wants to do this fantasy with Navisha.” Meanwhile, Navisha is left shocked and speechless.

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