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Temptation Island India: Mohak or Samadh, whom will Nidhi choose in the end? Watch

Temptation Island India: Nidhi and Mohak entered the show to determine whether they are ready for marriage. Their engagements with their respective connections may have spelled out their answer clearly.

Temptation Island India: As the season progresses toward its end, some existing relationships will thrive while other new ones will be born. Nidhi and Mohak are among the couples who were strong in their relationship when they entered the show but were confused about marriage. After watching herself grow so well with her connection to Samadh, Nidhi might have a different future than what she imagined. Now the question is, who will she choose in the end – Mohak or Samadh?

Temptation Island India: Nidhi and Mohak’s journey before and after entering the Island

Nidhi and Mohak are among the closest couples on the show, or they used to be. Before entering the Island, the two were unaware of each other’s existence until one fine day Nidhi found the handsome hunk Mohak on a dating app. Nidhi was taken aback by his shirtless pictures and decided to meet him. Things went really well between them on their first date and since then the couple has been in a loving relationship for two years. However, they were confused about getting married, so they decided to test their loyalty toward each other by entering the Island.

Everything changed when they entered the show and were separated from each other. The two developed feelings for their respective connections as time passed by. The first one to slip was Mohak, who fell in love with Urvi and called her his first choice. Nidhi also fell for her connection Samadh eventually who has been deeply in love with her since day 1. In fact, both Samadh and Nidhi seem to have found their peace while being with each other.

Mohak or Samadh, who will be Nidhi’s final choice?

The latest promo presents this big question before all the fans. In a turn of events, Samadh is seen assuring Mohak that Nidhi is happy with him while he replies sternly that he doesn’t have any right to tell him that. On the other hand, Urvi is seen calling Mohak her type. Meanwhile, Nidhi makes a statement, “If he breaks my trust then I will break that very moment.”

Amid this long stretching push and pull the major lingering question is who will be Nidhi’s final choice? Judging by the recent events, it seems very clear that Samadh and Nidhi have found their forever with each other. However, whether they will be willing to take their relationship further from here onwards depends on life after and beyond the Island.

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