Temptation Island India: Mouni Roy tests potential new relationship connections in pool activity, Watch

Temptation Island India

Temptation Island India: Mouni Roy tests potential new relationship connections in pool activity, Watch

Temptation Island India: Something exciting is bubbling on the Island among the new connections and Mouni Roy is not going to miss the action at any cost. The upcoming episode will feature a refreshing pool activity in which new connections are going to be tested by the Queen of Hearts. Mouni has got the perfect way to determine whether the budding love stories have any depth, or they are still on the surface.

Temptation Island India: Mouni Roy tests new connections by the pool

The atmosphere on the Island has become quite rejuvenating with several new connections being formed. On the one hand, couples face the pain of being apart from each other; On the other hand, they are all the more excited to form new connections with their tempters. The promo of the upcoming episode reveals an exciting pool activity conducted by the Queen of Hearts, Mouni Roy. It’s a matter of dip or dry! What’s it going to be for the connections?

The promo reveals Mouni asking a set of personal questions from the tempters about their new connections. Each correct answer allows them to keep themselves dry. However, wrong answers will get them thrown into the pool. Akshay probably loves the pool throws so much that he gives consecutive wrong answers. Mouni even suggests that he should go and sit in the water only because anyway he has to be thrown again. Moreover, Samadh got a chance to proclaim his love for Nidhi in front of the whole world even though she didn’t want to hear it.

Netizens’ word on the pool test

Temptation Island India has gained tremendous popularity among Indian audiences. The show is being liked even over Bigg Boss by some fans. The new promo came out recently on Jio Cinema’s official Instagram and invited several netizens to drop their reactions. Some of their comments read, “Big boss se to acha hi hai ye show,” “Big boss se jaade badiya h bhai / lovely show,” “if there was any geniune connection in boy villa that was @tayne_devilliers and @urvishetty which they never showed in episode.”

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