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Top Five ULLU web series: From Palang Tod Double Dhamaka to Love Guru, watch Rajsi Verma’s most enticing series, videos

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Top Five ULLU web series: Rajsi Verma is a name that has become synonymous with ULLU. The actor has some of the most sensational web shows of ULLU to her credit. Rajsi Verma is the first choice of makers as she can leave anyone gasping for air with her sizzling looks and enticing act. If you are a fan of Rajsi Verma, we are sharing the Top Five ULLU web series of Rajsi Verma that will leave you wanting for more. Check out below:

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka

Rajsi Verma has left nothing to the imagination in this enticing tale of greed. The series follows the lives of two sisters with Rajsi Verma playing the role of the elder sister. She is married and lives with her in-laws. However, she has greedy desires for her own nephew and she wants to have him anyhow even if it means breaking the heart of her own sister. 

Palang Tod Damaad Ji 

This web series sees Rajsi Verma breaking all barriers of decency as she falls for her son-in-law. The two develop an unholy relationship and turn inseparable as they continue to satiate their needs. 

Charmsukh Mom and Daughter

This web series sees Rajsi Verma turning to her daughter’s boyfriend to fulfill her greedy desires. The series tests fragile relationships in the most uncommon substances. 

Charmsukh Tauba Tauba

Rajsi Verma knows what she wants and will do anything to have it her way. In this entertaining series streaming on ULLU, she suffers betrayal at the hands of her husband and confides in the driver for emotional as well as other needs.

Love Guru 

Love Guru is an enticing watch on ULLU featuring Rajsi Verma. This bold web series sees the ULLU queen falling for her daughter’s young lover and going out of her way to have him. She does not even spare her own daughter when it comes to wanting what she wants. 

Which one is your favourite ULLU show featuring Rajsi Verma?

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