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Uorfi Javed wraps tape around her body to cover her modesty; Netizens say ‘thodi toh sharam…’

The social media sensation Uorfi Javed shared a new video on her Instagram account and she raised the temperature high online with her bold dress. She went topless in the video and covered her body with modesty with tape.

Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed, the social media sensation, demonstrated her status as a true fashionista by showcasing her own style choices and daring, inventive looks. She consistently raises the temperature, yet this turns into the justification for her trolling. She uses social media extensively, and her images and videos are frequently shared online. Her latest video, in which she strikes a stance in yet another striking garment, became popular on the internet. She was mocked due to her dress, but some also complimented her on how gorgeous she looked.

Uorfi Javed sets the internet on fire

Uorfi Javed’s daring and imaginative wardrobe selections never fail to uplift the mood on social media. She produces breathtaking appearances that enthral internet users. Her recent appearance on social media attracted a lot of attention as she showed off her curvaceous physique. The social media sensation wore a daring garment that took the edge off of her sensual appearance. She covered her privates with tape around her body.

While Uorfi is shown in the video standing nude, a woman begins taping her breasts. Subsequently, she applies tape over Uorfi’s body, and the social media star shows off her appearance. She turned to face the camera, then left, and the footage came to an end.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video went viral online and garnered a lot of reactions from netizens. Some of them were angry after seeing the social media sensation in this look. One user wrote, “thodi toh sharam kar leni hi chahiye iska toh daily hi naya look aa jaata hai aur har baar hadd hi paar karti hain yeh mohtarma. At least you should be motivation to gain education and employment not being naked on the internet to gain followers.”

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