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Upcoming Web Series: ‘Keep Breathing’ On Netflix

Upcoming Web Series: Melissa Barrera plays a hotshot Manhattan lawyer forced to fend for herself in the Canadian wilderness in this one-woman limited-series spin on ‘Yellowjackets.’

Created by L.A. Complex veterans Marin Gero and Brendan Gall, Keep Breathing stars Barrera as Liv, a Manhattan attorney trying desperately to get to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories for reasons that will eventually become clear.

Abandoned with neither supplies nor skills, other than her litigious determination, Liv has to figure out how to get back to civilization. 

Because Keep Breathing is more or less a one-person limited series, its success is going to rely heavily on its star. Yes, Liv will be thinking about her life and why she so desperately needed to go to Inuvik, and that will involve other characters. But the survival scenes will be all on Barrera’s shoulders. And producers Brendan Gall, Martin Gero, and Maggie Kiley couldn’t have found a better person to carry a show like this. Barrera has to carry Keep Breathing in a way that no single actor in Yellowjackets has to do, and she nails that level of heavy lifting

After proving her mettle as a vulnerable, self-destructive hottie in Vida, an explosion of song-and-dance charisma in In the Heights, and an experienced scream queen in Scream, Keep Breathing shows that Barrera can hold her own opposite one-dimensional co-stars and beautifully photographed nature.

The show is neatly wrapped up in six episodes, each around 30 minutes so you’re not seeing Liv wandering around the wilderness for hours on end. The entire show runs for just over 3 hours, where we see her fight for survival, the brevity of each episode is refreshing.

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