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Viral Video: Domestic sheep and the donkey snatched the shepherd’s lunch

Viral Video: If the shepherd is with his animals in a dry field without greenery, then it can be difficult for him to feed his stomach. Hungry animals upset due to lack of grass can snatch the morsel of the shepherd’s mouth. A video of one such incident is going viral on Twitter. In this, the shepherd who is preparing lunch for himself can be seen washing his hands of his food due to sheep and mule.

A US user Tansu Yegen has shared this video on Twitter. In this, a shepherd is preparing tea for himself by placing bread in a plate with great care. He takes out hot tea in the cup and in the meantime a sheep comes and runs away after pressing one of his breads. He has a lamb with the

The shepherd, frightened by the movement of the sheep, runs after him. Meanwhile, the shepherd’s mule takes advantage of the opportunity and buries the remaining bread in the mouth. When the shepherd comes running to him, he trowels on him. The shepherd avoids him and in the meantime the sheep comes again and tries to grab a piece of bread that is left. However, the shepherd does not let him snatch it.

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Many users have retweeted this video and made interesting comments. One user Samim Khan wrote, ‘Pakistani people trapped between IMF and Army.’ One user said- ‘I will not blame these animals, there is no grass anywhere around.’ Another wrote, ‘The life of a shepherd is a very good life.’

A user said on Twitter- ‘The mule is the mastermind of all this.’ Another user wrote – ‘Shameless theft of sheep and shameless victory of donkey. Somehow, both earned it. Had I been in that cowboy’s place, I would have gotten angry at the person who was just standing and making the video and my lunch was being stolen.’

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