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‘Blue Man’s’ Story Resurfaces on Social Media, the Unintended Side Effect of Over Use Of Supplements

Paul Karason: More than ten years after he first gained notoriety, images of a man who unintentionally turned himself blue have resurfaced on social media. Paul Karason took a homemade nutritional supplement for years to reduce symptoms of arthritis, dermatitis and a range of other illnesses.

A disorder that results in blue or grey discoloration of the skin

A peculiar adverse effect of the supplement was that it coloured his skin blue due to the colloidal silver in them. As the Washington native went on national television in 2008, Karason’s story began to go viral. His skin during the TODAY show appearance was a startling blue colour. Karason consumed homemade silver chloride colloid for a protracted period of time as a result of reading in a new age publication about its health advantages. In order to prevent his skin from flaking, he also applied the silver compound solution to his face. Karason stated that the “remedy” he manufactured at home healed his arthritis and acid reflux. Also, it caused him to develop argyria, a disorder that results in blue or grey discoloration of the skin after exposure to or consumption of silver. The condition cannot be reversed.

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Karason was known as the Blue Man and Papa Smurf

Karason did not even realise his skin had changed colour until a friend pointed it out. He explained to Inside Edition in 2008 that a friend he hadn’t seen in a while stopped by and inquired about his self-harm. He was known as the “Blue Man” and “Papa Smurf” because of his blue skin, nicknames that Karason didn’t like. He did not appreciate the looks people gave him either. Karason was never sunburned because of his skin tone, but when asked if he would return to his natural fair skin tone, he responded he “truly didn’t know.” The 62-year-old Karason passed away in 2013. After having a heart attack, he was hospitalised and receiving treatment for pneumonia.

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