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Diabetes Diet Chart: Important! Crafting a Diet for Blood Sugar Control, Know When and What to Eat Here

With the help of an extensive diabetic diet chart, discover the keys to successful blood sugar management.

Diabetes Diet Chart: Diabetes is a metabolic disease that frequently has very serious consequences. To put it simply, the carbohydrates in the food we eat are broken down by our body and transformed into glucose. Following this, the pancreas releases the hormone insulin, which enables the body’s cells to absorb sugar and convert it into energy. However, when insulin production is reduced or malfunctions, the body’s cells take up sugar from the blood become incapable of taking in the quantity. This causes the blood’s sugar level to start rising. Diabetes is the name given to this illness.

Understanding the Diabetes Divide

This dangerous illness comes in two varieties. Health professionals believe that improper eating habits and a poor lifestyle are the primary causes of type 2 diabetes, while type 1 diabetes is inherited. The victim in both cases needs to pay extra attention to his health. Additionally, as your lifestyle and eating habits have an impact on type 2 diabetes, eating well is just one of the keys to beating this condition. Eating at the appropriate times and in the appropriate order is just as crucial.

Sonia Narang’s Perspective on Diabetes Relief

Regarding this, nutritionist Sonia Narang said, “If you are suffering from diabetes, you can get relief to a great extent by keeping your eating pattern in mind.” According to nutritionists, just by keeping in mind the order in which you eat your meals, you can reduce sugar spikes by 70-73%. In such a situation, let us know what kind of food can be beneficial for diabetic patients at what time


Sonia Narang advises consuming fibre first whenever possible when eating. Eat a veggie salad in response to this. Vegetable salads are high in fibre, which is especially useful for those with diabetes. Consuming foods high in fibre causes the blood sugar level to rise gradually since they take longer to digest. Additionally, this kind of meal keeps your blood sugar under control since it keeps you full for a longer period of time, discouraging you from overindulging.


Nutritionists advise ingesting foods high in protein after those high in fibre. Protein can lower HBAlc and aid in blood sugar regulation. It raises the responsiveness to insulin without raising blood sugar levels. In this case, you can consume foods high in protein, such as chicken, tofu, paneer, sprouts, etc., following the vegetables.

Carbs or Starch

Lastly, nutritionists advise incorporating starches or carbs. In addition, numerous studies have demonstrated that eating protein first and subsequently carbs or starch lowers blood sugar levels after meals. For instance, you can eat sweet potatoes, oatmeal, idli, multigrain roti, etc. after consuming chicken, fish, paneer, or dal.

The 5-Minute Walk for Blood Sugar Control

Nutritionists advise walking for at least five minutes following the adoption of this eating pattern in addition to all of the above. In addition to helping you control your blood sugar, Sonia Narang claims that using this method will help you feel fuller for longer, which will lessen your cravings for food, maintain better hormonal balance, improve fertility, maintain healthy skin, slow down the signs of ageing, and possibly lower your risk of developing diseases.

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Take the methods, and claims mentioned in this article as suggestions only; DNP India does not confirm or refute them. Consult a doctor before implementing any such suggestions/ treatment/medicine/diet.

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