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Follow these tips for better sleep at night

Tips for healthy sleep at Night.

Sleep has a direct effect on our health. If we are not able to sleep properly, then apart from our health, our heart and mind are also badly affected. Lack of good sleep means that we do not feel refreshed even when we’re awake.

Sometimes it happens that our sleep is interrupted again and again in the night. And, this affects the quality of almost all our work. All this happens due to some habits related to our lifestyle and eating habits.

Let us tell you that the main reason for sleeplessness or sleep disturbance can also be the food you eat before sleeping at night. That’s why it is important for you to know what things you should not consume before sleeping.

Let’s know about it;

Do not consume caffeine at night: Caffeine contains substances that keep us awake and keep our minds active. People also consume caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee etc. To negate the urge to sleep, due to which they do not sleep for hours. Therefore avoid consuming things that contain caffeine a few hours before bedtime.

Avoid protein food at night: Eating a good amount of protein like meat or lentils or fish and eggs before sleeping will disturb your sleep. It puts pressure on your digestive system. Therefore, avoid eating high protein foods just before bedtime.

Avoid chocolate: Some people take chocolates as a dessert after a meal. Like tea and coffee, chocolates also contain a lot of caffeine. It keeps your mind busy, which means you get enough sleep or sleep breaks often. Therefore, one should not consume caffeinated chocolate shortly before sleeping at night.

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