Know the difference between real and artificial eggs

Know the difference between real & fake eggs.

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There is a lot of news coming out these days about the presence of fake plastic eggs in the market. Earlier in October 2016 also it was reported that these fake eggs are being sold a lot in the markets of Kerala.

It is also known as ‘Chinese eggs’. Eating these eggs can cause a lot of harm to your health.

Let’s Understand the difference between real and fake

Real and fake eggs look alike in appearance. It is very difficult to tell the difference between these two by looking at them. We are telling you some easy ways, through which you can easily identify the difference between real and fake eggs.

The shell of a fake egg is a bit hard. It is also slightly rougher than a real egg. Apart from this, there is also a rubber lining inside the peel.

If you pat a fake egg lightly, the sound you’ll hear will be a little less crunchy than a real egg.

If you break the egg and leave it for some time, then the egg white and yellow mass will mix in some time. This is because they are both made of the same material.
Fake eggs do not sink in the water while boiling.

When you fry the fake egg, the egg yolk (the yellow part) will spread without touching it. Usually, when you fry a real egg, the yellow part of it remains whole even when you put it in the pan. It doesn’t spread until you touch it with a spatula.