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Summer Skin Care Tips: This time as soon as the winter ends, suddenly the effect of heat has intensified. Due to excessive heat, there are problems like tanning, nails, acne. In the summer season, sweat, dust, polluted air, smoke affect the pores of the skin. All these problems can harm our skin, so take care of your skin in these ways during summer as much as possible. Some people have dark skin tone. Many times the skin becomes more dry due to the strong light of the sun when you go out. Even in summers, the skin should be completely moisturized. Skin needs care even in summers. The most important thing in this is to drink more and more water in summer.

Wash face
The biggest challenge in summer is that, the body gets soaked with sweat which leads to various skin related problems like itching. In such a situation, the face should be washed at least two to three times a day with a light cleanser. It is very important to wash the face especially at night. So that the pores open up. On the other hand, those who have oily skin, it is advisable for those people to wash their face many times.

Umbrella and water
The harmful rays of the sun can cause spots on the skin. You must have seen that many people walk in the sun with an umbrella. Your skin can darken due to the rays of the sun. So drink plenty of water and apply the right moisturizer.

In a country with high temperature like India, the skin gets damaged by strong sunlight. In such a situation, it is necessary to use sunscreen of at least SPF-30. On the other hand, if you use sunscreen, it will protect your skin from getting more damage in strong sunlight.

Face mask
Face mask is also a good way to protect the skin in summer. Which you have to use not everyday but once a week. This gives freshness to the face. Choose a natural extract or ingredient based face mask in a facial mask.

If you are a job professional, remember that summers can do a lot of damage to your skin. That’s why you must carry sunglasses while going out. Otherwise, wrinkles may appear on the sides of the eyes due to UV light.

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